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Imran Khan is famous cricketer and Now Best ranked Pakistani politician elected as Pakistan’s Prime minister in General Election 2018. Imran Khan Niazi , son of Akramullah Khan Niazi is a Pakistani politician and former cricket player. He played in the World Cup for the last two decades in the World Cup. After retirement from the cricket team, he went to politics, but he was a bribery, a buddyman, a cricketer, British vice president of Bradford. And Shaukat Khanam Hospital and research center is the founder of the team. Imran Khan of Pakistan cricket’s most successful captain, was the 1992 winner who led the country World Cup, this time Imran Khan Pakistan’s largest political party polarization leader this. Best Imran Khan images in HD

Here we will share latest PTI Chairman Imran Khan Pictures Photos Images free download but first see some facts about him before you see Imran Khan PTI Wallpapers HD Pictures Download.

Shaukat khanam memorial hospital

After the 1992 world cup cup took retirement from the international cricket board. Then started participating in social work. He established asia’s largest hospital in shakat khanam memorial hospital , lahore by a trust for cancer patients . Imran khan calls the pakistani people the founder of this hospital.

National and international aviation

He also received a presidential award from the government of pakistan . Apart from this , in 1992, human rights asia awards and hilal imtiaz (1992) were awarded. You are now serving as chancellor of university of bradford, university of bradford.

Married to jimmy khan

In 1995, imran khan married the late british billionaire trader sir james gold smith ‘s daughter jimmy gold smith. Jimmy gold smith accepted marriage before islam and his islamic name is jimima khan . The marriage center happened throughout the world and the global media gave it a special importance. On june 22 , 2004, he announced divorce. Imran khan said that he did not give time due to his busy life.

Ramaam khan married

On january 8 , 2015, imran khan, british and pakistani journalist , ties with reham khan , were closed in the marriage. On october 30, 2015, both of them confirmed to begin divorce proceedings.

Bushry votto married

In the beginning of 2017 and at the beginning of 2018 many news came to pass that imran khan married his spiritual adversary bashri vito . However imran khan   other people of movement justice   and the maneka family denied this rumor.   On january 7, 2018, the pti’s central secretariat issued a statement that imran khan has given a message to bashir otto , but he was not accepted yet.   On february 18, 2018, the pti confirmed that imran khan married bashiri vito .

Political life

On 25th april, 1996, the tehreek-e-insaf (pti) formed a political step by establishing justice . They could not initially succeed. But in recent times, they are increasingly popularizing the people of pakistan, especially in the youth, instead of their struggle and ideology. At present, his political party has got 32 seats in the lower house of pakistan parliament, 7 in the house, 7 in the provincial assembly sindh, 30 in provincial assembly and provincial assembly in khyber pakhtunkhwa .

Imran Khan PTI Wallpapers HD Pictures Download

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